Wavefront Biometric Technologies (WBT)

Wavefront Biometric Technologies (WBT)

(40% interest)

Nemex has a 40% interest in Australian-based biometric technology developer Wavefront Biometric Technologies (WBT).

Wavefront’s core business is developing innovative biometric solutions for authentication of identity utilising the unique properties of the eye. Wavefront’s vision is to become the identity authentication platform provider for all mobile devices and transactions requiring end-user verification, across government and military; enterprise; and consumer markets.
The Wavefront technology is a multi-modal biometric that captures unique features of the eye utilising a single sensor - being a camera.  The images are captured using the visible light range and are taken randomly to either capture the image of the iris or the contours of the cornea by reflected light.  These images are converted to a numerical output and, through a series of calculations and equations, provide a result that enables identification of whether or not an identity is genuine. Wavefront has completed internal performance tests in a mobile (self acquisition) scenario demonstrating that Wavefront’s multi-biometric system can operate on a mobile platform. 

Wavefront has patents in various jurisdictions that cover most aspects of the cornea and key features of the eye in visible light.  Wavefront has developed a unique use of the features of the eye not previously commercially adopted.  The combination of the cornea and iris provides a new biometric in visible light.  The biometric is strengthened by the fact that the features measured are uncorrelated.  Wavefront plans to add features to its existing patent portfolio as further intellectual property is identified.

Liveness is an important feature for biometrics and provides a mechanism to detect spoofing or fraud by confirming that the images are generated from a live person in real time.  Wavefront’s technology has a number of liveness measures within its biometric capability, providing an even stronger biometric for the authentication of identity.

Wavefront’s system operates in the visible light spectrum. Most commercially available iris recognition systems utilize near-infra red (NIR) spectrum. NIR spectrum requires a specific illuminator. Standard mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, provide illumination in the visible light spectrum.

Wavefront has initially focussed on the mobile (self acquisition) market to demonstrate its technology. Wavefront has developed a prototype and completed internal performance tests of its multi-biometric system under laboratory conditions which demonstrated that Wavefront’s multi-biometric system can operate on a mobile platform. Independent testing of the technology is currently being completed at Purdue University, one of the world’s leading Biometric research facilities.

Wavefront considers its multi-modal biometric technology provides a unique solution to human biometric identification that has application to a range of identified industry sectors.  Wavefront plans to build strategic partnerships with device manufacturers and software vendors while it builds out a product based portfolio of software applications into key targeted markets.

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